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How do I know if I need counseling?

People with a wide range of concerns may benefit from working with one of our experienced, compassionate counselors. A person may seek counseling services if he/she is experiencing feelings of anxiety, fear and/or depression or experiencing relationship issues with friends, spouses, partners, and/or family members. Some attend counseling sessions for guidance with navigating different life stages, such as starting a job, getting married, or having a child and others may seek counseling services when they feel overwhelmed and unable to cope in the midst of a crisis. Generally, it is a good idea to consider seeking counseling if the difficulties you are experiencing persist for an extended period of time or interfere with your daily activities.

What insurance companies does Invision accept?

We gladly Medical Mutual, Emerald, Lifesynch/Humana, Ohio Health Choice and Private Healthcare/Multiplan insurance policies. If you have health insurance with other medical insurance companies, you can utilize your insurance company’s out-of-network benefits.

Are my sessions confidential?

Your privacy is paramount. We are committed to protecting the personal information you share with us. Invision is a place where you can openly discuss your problems, and our clients should never be afraid to provide information to our practice. Our counselors treat all information shared in counseling sessions as confidential in accordance with professional ethics, accreditation standards, and legal requirements. To learn more about our detailed privacy policy, click here

How long will my sessions last?

Generally, the initial appointment will last about an hour, so our counselors have a chance to get to know their client. All other appointments are typically 45 – 80 minutes based on what the client and counselor have determined will work best.


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